I’m rarely posting here these days (too much strain on my wrists when I already strain my wrists in the Repop forums) but this is special.



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Good morning!

I wanted to take a quick moment to go through my current stable and provide a bit of an update.

My injuries are well healing, and I am back to being able to play games. While my abilities are limited by my lingering hurt and a much decreased sense of endurance, I’ve been able to honestly, deeply play a number of games over the last few weeks.

TSW 500 x 30 BREAKER


The Secret World remains my love. In the past few weeks we’ve had the wonderful Halloween event in which I finished all my current and past event achievements. At the moment I’m still working on grinding Tokyo for my AEGIS controllers and PvP to complete a few extra gear sets. My solo survival build should be complete soon, allowing me to focus on Augments and Tokyo with even better success.

Issue #10 is incoming!




Leveling through the older content in Rift is surprisingly easy. Instant Adventures provide a huge boost to your gains and since I already played through the majority of the story years ago, so that’s where my cleric has been spending all her time. As of today I’m a hair from 46. Two more levels and I’ll be able to get into the widely acclaimed Storm Legion content where I’ll slow down a little to smell the roses.


I’ll try to keep these coming as best I am able. I’m looking forward to the next TSW update as well as getting myself over to Nightmare Tide with the rest of my guildies.

Oh Rift, I’m wandering your beautiful shores once more!

Rift is gorgeous

One aspect of my injury and subsequent recovery has been a bit of a “reset” of my entire games portfolio. Some titles I was committed to before I had to take a break have fallen completely by the wayside (PS2, EQII) and others have taken a far less active role in my day-to-day play (such as DCUO and TSW). This has provided me with some time to re-evaluate some of my choices and re-align some of my playtime to better suit my own enjoyment. As I’m still operating under a reduced physical capacity I’ve had to make changes to my routines and certainty to my choice of games.

Enter Rift. Enter Rift again.

Old Wounds, New Bandages

When I first played Rift it was after the free-to-play transition and what I consider, in my time in MMOs, to be somewhat after my long-term recovery from World of Warcraft. I quit Cataclysm in early 2011 and didn’t really touch another MMO until TOR released at the end of that year. TOR was a huge letdown, and it only lasted a few months for me. After, I played a lot of console games and RPGs. A few of the free-to-play titles found their way onto my hard drive, but they couldn’t satisfy me after WoW.

I really credit Rift with getting me interested in MMOs again after the dual betrayals of Cataclysm and The Old Republic.

Rift Soultree

Cataclysm brought many changes to WoW which, from my perspective, killed a great deal of the fun and engagement. No longer could I theorycraft cool builds from the skill trees, as they had been replaced by rather lackluster “choices” which ended up not really being choices in the end.

The addition of on-rails, highly scripted and curated content which felt (and was) artificially walled off from the rest of the game further complicated things. No longer was I in a world… I was playing essentially a single player game until I hit the level cap. Friends were caught out-of-instance; the landscapes constantly changed and the heavy-handed phasing made the game feel very walled off and unlike previous experiences in Azeroth.

The changes to Heroic dungeons didn’t help, either, as endgame felt overly punishing and complicated.

All You Need Are Friends

The main driver of my dive back into the world of Telara has been the motivation to play with a new guild that I suppose (by this point) I have “officially” joined: Eternal Dawn. In particular, both Simcha and Jaedia have welcomed me back to Rift and have provided a great deal of conversation and general camaraderie which has been invaluable to making this go around in Telara far more productive, I hope, than the last time I set foot in this themepark’s forests and icy mountains.


First is the Worst, Second is the Best…

Having some friends in game (as well as guild support) will be something new for me in Rift. The last time I spent time in the game I was both very engrossed and quite impressed—yet I played my entire time solo. I may have stepped into one, maybe two, dungeons with others and done a few Adventure Modes and public parties for zone events, but there was no chat and certainly no follow-through after we were finished with our short-term task.

I leveled my first character on a NA server to 48, loving every moment until I began to experience the beginnings of the dreaded 50-60 Storm Legion grind. This was before Iron Pine Peak was re-imaged as a mid level zone and when I began to have difficulty soloing all the various quests.

Rift is beautiful.

But this time I feel better, and with the help of Eternal Dawn I’m hoping to get myself leveled up and back into the closer-to-endgame place where I was before in no time at all. The leveling is certainly faster and in my limited two days of initial play I crested level 12 and am well on my way.

This guy doesn't seem to dangerous...

While I can’t say that I’ll be moving forward with any sort of concrete plan, I made it to level 20 overall this short run in Rift. I look forward to popping back in from time-to-time and perhaps even finding a newly sparked passion for this very solidly constructed game.

In the silence of the past few weeks I have been greatly speeding through my recovery, in part because of a shift to controller-focused games which have been far easier on my wrists in a way which allows for longer play-sessions and less 15 minute muscle burnout.

360 Controller has been my savior

Most recently, I took the time to play through one of my favorite older RPGs: Jade Empire. It had been years since I picked up the title and played through until completion, but the same magic and deep narrative drew me in again quickly. Over the last few years I have slowly but surely made the transition from playing primarily single player games to almost entirely replacing my gaming with solely MMO titles. Sometimes these have been in a realistic progression such as when I tried to make The Old Republic my home because of my absolute love of the Knights of the Old Republic series previous to the MMO.Now here was a fun ride.

Since I’m enjoying playing through single player games and since they also provide a somewhat better forum for me. However, at this moment I could use some help deciding what I should play next.

Which RPG should I play next?

pollcode.com free polls

A few quick notes: Mass Effect is probably my highest playtime game on that list. This would be playthrough number 4-5 for me. Dragon Age I got to endgame but never completed. FFXIII I barely got into first time around. Deus Ex was completed and enjoyed, but I could see myself enjoying a second time through. Skyrim—never completed but I should finish it up eventually. GTA4? I really wanted to play (never really did the older GTA games) but some of the mechanics, at the time, were just too frustrating.

Dude looks ready... am I ready?

All of these I’m willing to play. Some I’m hesitant, but could certainly find a way in and surprise myself. Please vote and tell me what to do!

theSo I’ve been getting more and more exited over the prospect of Archeage. While I was in the last closed beta test, I wasn’t able to play that much. This time around for the third beta test I’m hoping there will be more opportunity.

Malbec of Eternal Dawn posted a short video of his experiences in CB2. The sense of adventure that permeates the gameplay is something that I firmly believe has been lacking in too many games recently.

Tomorrow will be wonderful. Assuming I feel up to play.

I’ve had my eye on Trove, Trion’s Minecrafty-adventury-blocks-‘n-building game, for some time now. At announcement my interest was peeked, but like many games which have come to the fore recently, Trove was placed on my “looks cool, but not right now” list along with many other games. The pay-for-alpha is something that often turns me off from a game—until that price drops to what I consider reasonable.

Well, I’ll eat my hat because Trove is currently offering Alpha access for all support levels. This means you can get access to the game for the reasonable price of $5. I took the dive and have been very happy with the result!

Trove sale

This deal is active until 8/10/14, which is right around the corner. After tomorrow the price for Alpha access will rocket back up to the (personally unreasonable) price of $20.

I’ll go into more detail in a later post, but I’ve found Trove to be fun, quick and wonderful as a ‘pick-up-put-down’ silly game that rewards for both long and short playsessions. Most striking to me is the flawless integration of cooperation, which requires absolutely nothing more than working together. No interfaces or commands needed—just find some players and get to clearing out those dungeons!

Source: Trove Support

What’s Perpetuum? Let’s try this:

So what does it feel like to have your consciousness and being wired into a ‘bot light years away?

It feels like victory, I tell you.

perp hello

Hold On, What’s That?

Perpetuum is about robots. Particularly, the game centers around the world of Nia in a future world where Earth has exhausted it’s resources. So, as these things are want to happen, attempts at solving this problem led to something far unexpected: First contact. By means of an explosive accident, numerous miniscule wormholes opened to another planet filled with synthetic life: Nia.

Through a series of events, humans were able to take control of the synthetic life forms found on the other side of these particle-sized wormholes. The race for energy in this new frontier began quickly.

Perp Concept1

Just Some Ugly Mugs…

Perp Cestum

Cestum Arilaes is my first and primary pilot. Born and bred for combat, Cestum spends his time blowing enemy ‘bots to smithereens.

At around the 100k EP (time-based skill points), he is about at the point where the “core skills” have been mostly completed and I’ll be working toward getting his more specialized killing abilities finely honed. Faster guns and bigger armor repairers are on the big list.

Generally Cestum works out of an Arbalest Assault ‘Bot (pictured saying “Hello” above), however he is slowly working his way toward the bigger, badder mechs such as the Kain (Below) and (eventually)Mesmer.

Perp kain

Perp Kesh

Kesh Arilaes came to Nia quickly behind Cestum. The second member of the Clan Arilaes is a bit of a “jack of all trades” specializing in hauling, industrial production/recycling/refining and acting as my designated broker for all sales.

Kesh can be found in the world of Nia plodding about in his Sequer, a midrange hauler which minor mining capabilities. Eventually he will upgrade to the one heavy glider in the game so far, the Scarab transport. However, the 70 million NIC going price will be a long time coming.

The Sequer

Perp Danil

Lastly, Danil rounds out the Arilaes family as the youngest of my three accounts. A dedicated miner, Danil acts as the heavy lifter to keep my NIC streams open and counting. By teaming up with Kesh, I can mine for long periods of time without the need to return to base as the Sequer can haul loads from a field can back and forth.

Preferring his Termis, a mech specialized in mining, Danil is a slow and prodding economic driver. The long term plan is that Kesh and Danil will finance the large part of my PvP/building activities in game.

Perp Termis

Current Yields

The current game plan is for my two industrial (carebear) accounts to spend as close to 24/7 mining as possible. With active can mining during periods where I can manage cargo loads and AFK slow-burn mining in a Sequer (which has one mining laser and fills it’s large hold slowly overnight), I should be set to make the next few jumps through the equipment mill.

At the moment I estimate that my daily yield will be somewhere in the 5-7 million NIC range depending on many variables. This is peanuts compared to what is possible, but it will form a good backbone for my progress. This doesn’t include my other large source of income: shooting things. Cestum runs missions and farms NPC spawns, which can provide for a large amount of income. However, this work is far more active and can be risky. A few million NIC in a short period is far from out of the question when Cestum is on the prowl.

Perp Sky

Future Plans

I’ll be keeping up with my exploits in Perpetuum. I’m loving this game and it hits all the right EVE-like sandbox notes without much of the frustration which has resulted from that game’s long and windy development process.

While not nearly as exciting as many other titles I play, I’m hoping to start more PvP soon which will be far more interesting to follow.