MMOs On Console? Not a Bad Idea!

News broke recently that Neverwinter will become the latest MMO to reach consoles with a 2015 launch date on the Xbox One. I say good. I suspect that Neverwinter’s style of play will lend itself to a console better than its PC forbearer and brings up the question of why some games like Neverwinter are developed for the PC in the first place.

Neverwinter demon

With action-oriented combat and reticule targeting, playing via controller seems a more natural means to approach such a game. In fact, I suspect that Neverwinter will be a great success on Microsoft’s platform.

Now that we’ve seen the first console generation with built-in support for newer-than-the-last-gen industry strides in free-to-play and microtransaction-based payment models we should soon see a wide field of MMOs approaching the console market. FFXIV has done very well for itself through Playstation already, and FFXI holds a long-standing relationship with console gaming (in fact, after my long break from most gaming I was drawn back by FFXI on my Xbox 360).

Neverwinter next year sounds like a good plan for the Xbox One, and hopefully we’ll see MMOs continue to grow and spread beyond their PC roots.

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