Throwback MMO Project Gorgon Will Launch New Kickstarter

Project Gorgon, the no-hands-held, throwback MMO developed by the easily apparent passion of it’s creator Eric, will be heading back to Kickstarter in order to secure the funds to officially launch in 2015.


I’ve visited Project Gorgon a number of times and it remains a rather unique project that seeks to recapture some of the freedom and permeating feel of exploration which was mostly lost in the post-Everquest world. Drawing inspiration heavily from SOE’s foundational game, Project Gorgon has peaked my interest due to it’s dedication to “cool game mechanics” which prioritize learning skills and expanding your character over following a rote route to a static level cap.

The game is currently in a solidly playable state, and you can check it out at The client is lightweight and really gives the visual throwback to the Everquest-era a proper dressing for the 21st century.

Project Gorgon... Play as a Cow! Keep an eye out for the Kickstarter announcement tomorrow. This is on the heels of a campaign in late 2012 which was unsuccessful, but garnered a good deal of support. I highly suggest checking out the game here and if you like what you see, support this great vision that is untainted by large-scale development and full of character, atmosphere and a rather unusual-but-awesome set of skills and various game systems (including playing as a cow!).

Source: Project Gorgon (at bottom)

seanxxp 5pts

That sounds pretty interesting. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll be sure to give that a go this week.

Crow 5pts

It's struck me as a fun throwback to EQ/AC/AC2. The dev is a former AC/AC2 guy and it plays more like a classic "let's throw in all this stuff that is cool so you can do lots of things!" than the sort of linear, highly curated efforts in the closer-to AAA range.